Because all life is local...


Here's a few things about this website you may or may not be interested in knowing.

What is Localoid.com?

Localoid.com is a domain I've owned for a while, that I've used primarily for e-mail. Since recently realizing I'm mortal, I decided I should get off my duff and do something more productive with the domain. After considering several possibilities, I decided to simply post articles about topics that I'm involved with or interesting in.

Who is Localoid?

Localoid is the nom de plume used by a guy named "Lloyd", who became fascinated with "home computers" in the late-1970s. One thing has lead to another since those ancient times. Today, Localoid gets his computer fix in ways he could once only dream of. 

Where is Localoid?

Localoid currently resides in Central Appalachia, the place where he was born in the long, long time ago. Localoid has spent much of his life attempting to drag the region (kicking and screaming all the way) into the 21st century, achieving mixed results.

Why are their ads and affiliate links?

Honestly? They're here to help me recoup some of the cost associated with running the website. However, I hope the links to sites that sell the products I'm writing about are helpful to those who might be interesting in buying said product. The only affiliate links presently on the site link to Amazon, a business I've purchased from and have been very happy with for some time now. So, in general, I'll only link to products and places that I have come to trust. If I've used or own the product I'll try to specifically mention that, up front.